Guardian News ~ Prince Harry takes on Taliban

Guardian Daily: Prince Harry v ‘Terry Taliban’

In our daily audio show, Jon Dennis and guests discuss the Prince Harry news blackout; Sarkozy’s post-colonial France; and plastic bags

MediaGuardian’s Mark Sweeney explains how the UK media worked with the British army to keep Prince Harry’s presence in Afghanistan secret – and how the story broke last night on the Drudge Report website.

Research published today by Cambridge academics criticises the government’s record on primary education. Mick Brooks, general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers, tells me he agrees with the researchers’ claims that there are too many tests, and politicians are too ready to meddle with the national curriculum.

Diplomatic editor Julian Borger assesses the significance of President Nicholas Sarkozy’s announcement yesterday to South African MPs that France would renegotiate its defence arrangements with African countries in a belated attempt to break with its colonial past. And Julian also tells me about Kofi Annan’s success in brokering a deal to end the violence in Kenya.

Allegra Stratton reveals how the government has been distributing its own plastic bags – while trumpeting its moves to cut the number in circulation in the UK.

Moscow correspondent Luke Harding looks ahead to Russia’s presidential election on Sunday, and explains how the Kremlin has effectively fixed the result.

And Matthew Weaver reports from a new exhibition that sheds light on subterranean London.

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  1. In a week (or possibly two) you will hear that I, Prince Harry, managed to resolve the issues over there with a combination of hard fighting and serious party action. Yep, those Taliban buggers just needed a swift kick up the arse, followed by a jolly good knees-up.

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