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Quite a few people at the Book club have asked me if I knew what David Mitchell was writing currently…………

I picked this up from Wiki……….

Mitchell’s next book, currently known as “NAGASAKI” [3], will be an historical novel about Dejima, the man-made island in the middle of Nagasaki Harbour that was built to house Dutch traders in the 17th century. Having just finished five months of research in the Netherlands, Mitchell says that the biggest challenge will be what to omit from this complex story. “For over two centuries”, he said, “the Dutch were the only white people allowed to see inside Japan”. No one was allowed on or off the island except for tradesmen, translators and prostitutes. “Except”, he said, “every four years when the head of the trading post made the trek to Edo (modern-day Tokyo) to pay his respects to the Shogun.” Mitchell plans to contrast Shogunate Japan with the Napoleonic era in Europe, he said. Of particular interest is the fact that while the Netherlands ceased to exist for a while after Napoleon annexed it, the Dutch flag still flew in Dejima.

[edit] Novels
Ghostwritten, 1999
number9dream, 2001
Cloud Atlas, 2004
Black Swan Green, 2006
Untitled De-jima Novel, 2009

[edit] Further reading
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