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Who these days admits to having an unsuccessful blog?Perhaps you have no subscribers or followers, or nobody but nobody ever visits your site. Does that amount to a lack of success or merely that you are, as yet, unnoticed in the tsunami of blogs out there. The vast sea with no bathers – a great cauldron of words and images fighting for space in a great cyberscape. But as far as your blog is concerned it is an island unnoticed, untravelled, undiscovered………But for you………

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About Gorseinonboy

Hi I'm Vernon Goddard, retired and currently living in Lincoln having spent time abroad in France. My wife Carol and I are enjoying life away from having to make a living; instead we're making plenty of new friends in Lincoln. We have new plans for our time together and new adventures to achieve. Hell Lloyds TSB are still paying for it all and you taxpayers in the UK. So thanks ~ we really appreciate your regular contributions to our spending money. And why not stop and contribute on this site. If you have a view about anything I write you're welcome to post a comment or get in touch with me. When I'm not blogging, I write a little, garden a little less, drink and eat some, exercise when pushed, talk for Wales and think about the grandchildren. Well that's me. Gorseinonboy.
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