Wales beat England at Twickers! Gorsein Boy triumphs at La Grenerie!!!!!

We all know that the annual Six Nations game between England and Wales is a mild, well-contested, sporting and fair fixture. Oh I wish. We’re also aware of the intense rivalry of the fans. Here’s an exchange of Emails from said fans. In the left corner Andrew & English and in the right corner Vernon & Welsh. Let the Emails fly………..Ah Andrew

And what a beautiful day it is stretching all the way from the Limousin to North Wales. Yesterday at half time I had already composed an Email congratulating your good-self, confessing it may not have been so clever putting out a club side, indicating that the win was at Twickers, our graveyard ~ an Email of IFS & BUTS………..

And now ~ well it’s great to have a win under the belt and I admired the 2nd half performance of the Welsh. Perhaps Gatling said something to them at half-time { probably unrepeatable }but the game was already won and England threw it away. When the England coach admits he doesn’t know what went wrong[!!] who am I to suggest anything. Perhaps it’s time for the coach to go. Some of the ex-England stars will be crowing for blood this am methinks.

Was Gatling right about your Full-back?

Best part of the game for me ~ win apart ~ was to hear Brian Moore, who said before the game that England would win by 20 points, trying to congratulate Wales on their performance. His bitter and stingy acknowledgement was a joy to hear. Jonathan Davies will make him cringe after the game.

This is going to be an interesting Six Nations!

Can you hear some crowing at La Grenerie?

Signed ~ A being and thing from La Grenerie.

Vern…..Gorsein Boy

—–Original Message—–

From: Andrew

Sent: 03 February 2008 10:44To: Vernon Goddard Subject: Oh Dear!


Well, at half time yesterday I was starting to compose a message of condolence to you after a dominant display by the English.

After the collapse (and a total one too) it has taken me until this morning to send my belated congratulations to the Welsh Rugby Team, Swansea City, and all beings and things “from the valleys”.

My one and only affinity to the land of the dragon is that Huddersfield have signed Robert Page from Coventry who played centre half for Wales.

Yours (still smarting) “Up the road”

¬†Email addresses with-held…..after all can’t have you all writing to Andrew with your condolences!

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