All sorts popping up and passing by in La Grenerie

What’s popping up in your neck of the woods?

I ask out of a genuine interest because all sorts of unusual activity is happening here, in the Limousin and actually on my doorstep…..well, in my garden.

It’s early February and we should, by now, be deep with snow, unable to go anywhere and desperate to keep warm when the lecky goes off for days on end. But, instead, we’ve had the mildest of Winters and seemingly the start already of a pseudo Spring.

There are all sorts popping up and near to blooming:

  • The snow drops have been prolific so far
  • The daffs are out and doing well
  • Spring bedding plants are in bud
  • There are buds on trees
  • Bushes are showing sprouts
  • The grass is growing

I’ve even given my lawn a cut which must be unprecedented for this time of the year………… …………..Now was that a last cut for 2007 or the first cut for 2008?

And if you think I’m getting confused by the seasons, what about these sightings:

  • Butterflies
  • Bees
  • Gnats
  • Goldfish

I mentioned the goldfish because I like them. I must have over 150 in my pond and they have spent a good part of the Winter in the shallows wallowing in the sunshine. But to see bees and butterflies in January and February that isĀ  a definite first for me.

Our friend, the mole is also back, from a holiday in the Dordogne. But instead of invading my back-garden he’s attacking a French neighbour. Looks like a mini alps but dark in colour. Carry on lad!

The nicest Spring present ~ and it happened this week gone ~ was an early morning visit from a young deer. My wife called me to the bathroom and there in the early morning light was the most beautiful deer. Just standing there.

Just passing by and decided to call.

You never know what pops up here in the Limousin.

Gorsein Boy

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