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Pundits on Wales v England

Former Wales and Lions wing JJ Williams

JJ Williams
Former Wales and Lions winger

What an amazing game. At one stage I thought ‘look out, there’s another hammering coming here’ and then it all turned around with 20 minutes to go.

Looking back I wonder if England lost it or did Wales just change everything? It was a bit of both I think.

Wales’ fitness must be applauded – they kept running and running. In the first half when they were trying to run the ball, they were going through phases and losing possession.

But they kept the ball in the last 20 minutes and kept the ball out wide. England struggled to cope with that.

Wales centre Gavin Henson of Wales charges at England's Toby Flood, Jonny Wilkinson and Paul Sackey

Henson made some powerful breaks through England’s midfield

England fell apart totally and couldn’t live with the pace of the game. Wales unsettled them. They were totally flabbergasted.

At the end of the game when they were behind the posts waiting for the conversion, they looked totally confused.

They were lacking leadership and Wales had it all. They took their opportunities and that’s what sport is all about.

We played poorly in the first half but I think the difference between the two sides was what happened in the dressing room at half-time.

I think Shaun Edwards and Warren Gatland went about our boys and told them a few home truths.

They came out and did much better in the second half, so full compliments to our coaching staff – they were the difference between the two sides.

It’s a great start for them but now they’ve got to keep their feet on the ground – which I’m sure they will.

We’ve got a massive opportunity with three home games coming up. You can’t ask for more than that.

So it’s a great start and a great boost for Wales and Welsh rugby

JJ Williams was speaking to BBC Wales Sport

Former Wales winger Adrian Hadley

Adrian Hadley
Former Wales winger, who scored two tries in the 1988 victory at Twickenham

This was my first visit to Twickenham since the victory in 1988.

It’s looks like I’m a bit of a lucky charm – I think the Welsh Rugby Union should pay for me to come back in two years’ time!

Whatever was said in the Wales changing room at half-time I want to bottle it and sell it.

I said before the game that Iain Balshaw still slept with the lights on and Wales took full advantage of his dithering.

If Wales could put the England back three under pressure I was confident we could cause them problems.

We failed to do that in the first half because we kicked poorly, but the second half was a vast improvement.

Even Jonny Wilkinson looked ruffled and started throwing passes he shouldn’t and doesn’t usually throw because of the pressure Wales exerted. England then started to look like a poor side.

And the other major factor was that the England forwards ran out of gas after about 60 minutes.

Warren Gatland, Shaun Edwards and Rob Howley are all winners and I think that mentality has rubbed off on the players.

It could be a good year for Wales. We shouldn’t get carried away with ourselves over this result, but it’s magnificent victory and we can improve.

Adrian Hadley was speaking on BBC Radio Wales

Former England coach Dick Best

Dick Best
Former England coach

England committed what is tantamount to sporting suicide. You can’t surrender those sorts of leads and that sort of domination.

No matter what level of rugby you play at, this game is played for 80 minutes and it’s about what you achieve over 80 minutes.

I’m afraid England didn’t play for 80 minutes and the best team won.

Wales wasted a lot of their best ball in the first half by kicking it to England.

In the second half they stopped kicking and started to run at England.

The defining moment was when Gavin Henson made that break – that gave Wales lot of confidence and they didn’t look back.

Dick Best was speaking on BBC Wales’ Scrum V programme

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