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You are very welcome.

Please visit and use the site by posting comments and raising issues. 

If your first language is not English, please use the translation button to see views/postings in French, German, Italian and Spanish. Whatever nationality you are, remember we are all European now.

Enjoy yourselves…………GORSEIN  BOY.

This blog was created and themed through http://www.wordpress.org/and designed and hosted by my son-in-law, Jules Horsey. For consultancy and web design he can be contacted at Footprint Multimedia limited (jhorsey@footprint-multimedia.co.uk).  

 I want the blog  be a personal record of what is happening in this part of the world. It may touch on what Carol and I are doing, include anecdotes of family and friends and reflect my current views on the unfolding of National and International affairs and events.

There are remarkable things happening in our world. Perhaps we should declare our views about these.

How do we do things in/around the site?

This is pretty straight-forward. You will find there are some tabs at the top of the page e.g. Home, About etc. The Home/Main page contains all the postings I have made and these are in categories e.g. Reflections   etc etc . When you click on a Category it brings up all the postings to date for that section.

I would like you to comment on the postings to show your views. This is done by completing a reply in the comment box at the bottom of a posting. You may use your name or remain anonomous. The site is regularly updated so it may be convenient to subscribe to the site. This is done by clicking on the subscribe/RSS button.

Connections to my other Blogging sites.

I have a number of related Blogsites all of which bring together my interests in writing, photography, politics, sport and family. These are listed below. Just click on one which interests you and the link will take you through. You can then move from one site to another using the Wink widget. Or, if you prefer, click on the links in Blogroll.

In order to track my site entitled A Year in Pictures use:  http://lagreneriekid.blogspot.com/

To find out my wife’s take on things, track the site Barnsley Lass and use the following connection:  swanseaboy2.blogspot.com

 For news on Global Warming please click on: lagrenerie.blogspot.com

At Poetic Licence I post my own poetry and writings and those of my favourite authors:  wwwlimogesboy.blogspot.com

In This Sporting Life I capture some sporting moments and reflect on what is happening to sport all over the world. Please click on the following to view: wwwsportinglife.blogspot.com

To track the many and varied photoraphs we take view our albums in Picasa at:   picasaweb.google.com/VernonGoddard


Gorsein Boy

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