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I was going to write ” My Family and other creatures” on this page but I’m not sure if that is a good name or topic. I think you will soon find out the kind of family I have.Instead  I would like to use this space to let you know who I am and other aspects of my life on this extraordinary planet or world we are all lucky to be part of ~ however briefly.I’m heading for 70 years old, have retired from proper work for some time and can now potter, reflect and ponder all day should I choose – and yes, I choose! There’s not much for my wife and I to worry about. We can cover the bills and have plenty left over should we get a rainy day or a tsunami.I have regrets, of course. How I wish I could have written one good novel or painted one good painting. But that’s not really a painful regret. They’re wishes down the drain. Never get to do them now.

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